The Fine Classics 5 Plugins Special Bundle

Our 5 plugins bundle deal! Get FIVE Fine Classics Plugins HIT PLUGINS for only $90. Available for Mac and Windows. 

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Vintage Vibe Guitar Amplifier

A versatile guitar amplifier packed with features and native OSC capability.

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Dead Drums Vol. 1

A virtual drum instrument that captures the quintessential sound of the 1960's and 1970's.

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Fine Classics Saturator

A versatile saturation plugin featuring seven unique saturation algorithms, a transient shaper for dynamic control, and a tone knob for effortless tonal shaping.  

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  • Sam Guaiana (Intervals, Silverstein, Neck Deep, Bayside)

    "Vintage Vibe is fantastic. It’s usually hard to nail great cleans and overdrives in the plugin world and Vintage Vibe does it with ease"

  • Michael Montoya (Juice Wrld, Bones, Machine Gun Kelly)

    "Dead Drums have really come in handy for me. Whenever I’m working with an artist and want that muted drum tone that’s the first thing I go to. It ends up in one way or another on most the things I do. At the very least I’ll use it as a layer to give my drums more power."

  • Zach Medeiros (late night drive home, kimfitz, Media House)

    "Vintage Vibe has quickly become my go-to amp sim. The doubler and built-in pedals are amazing. The variety of possibilities that VV offers always keep me feeling inspired."

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@shanetrainor Using @Fine Classics Plugins for this tone 🤘 If ocean eyes by billie eilish had a guitar solo #oceaneyes #billieeilish #guitar #guitartok #guitarcover #electricguitar #guitarsolo @BILLIE EILISH @FINNEAS ♬ original sound - Shane Trainor
@evan.novoa my love mine all mine is already perfect but what if it were to have a guitar solo? 🤔 #mylovemineallmine #mitski #guitarsolo #guitarcover #electricguitar @Mitski @Fender @Fine Classics Plugins ♬ original sound - Evan Novoa

One of my favorite Dead Drums sound is Rumours - Fleetwood Mac. Here’s an example of replacing the drums with my plugin in Dreams. #indieproducer #logicprox #musicproducer

♬ original sound - Fine Classics Plugins