Vintage Vibe Guitar Amplifier

A versatile guitar amplifier packed with features and native OSC capability.

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Dead Drums Vol. 1

A virtual drum instrument that captures the quintessential sound of the 1960's and 1970's.

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Dead Guitars: Rubber Bridge

Rubber Bridge is an exceptional virtual software instrument meticulously crafted to replicate the distinct and evocative tone synonymous with fingerpicked rubber bridge guitars.

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A sample-based software synthesizer that captures the mojo of several Casio keyboards.

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TikTok Buzz 🐝

@shanetrainor Using @Fine Classics Plugins for this tone 🤘 If ocean eyes by billie eilish had a guitar solo #oceaneyes #billieeilish #guitar #guitartok #guitarcover #electricguitar #guitarsolo @BILLIE EILISH @FINNEAS ♬ original sound - Shane Trainor
@evan.novoa my love mine all mine is already perfect but what if it were to have a guitar solo? 🤔 #mylovemineallmine #mitski #guitarsolo #guitarcover #electricguitar @Mitski @Fender @Fine Classics Plugins ♬ original sound - Evan Novoa

One of my favorite Dead Drums sound is Rumours - Fleetwood Mac. Here’s an example of replacing the drums with my plugin in Dreams. #indieproducer #logicprox #musicproducer

♬ original sound - Fine Classics Plugins