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Vintage Vibe Guitar Amplifier

Vintage Vibe Guitar Amplifier

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Presets Galore

Explore a vast library of expertly crafted presets inspired by the guitar tones of iconic musicians. From the shimmering tones of the '50s to the pristine sounds of contemporary artists, Vintage Vibe's presets offer an array of sonic palettes at your fingertips.

Integrated Effects

Elevate your clean guitar tones with the integrated overdrive, delay, doubler and reverb effects. Craft the perfect balance of warmth, spaciousness, and subtle coloration to make your guitar sing like never before.

OSC Compatibility

Vintage Vibe takes control to the next level by offering seamless integration with OSC controllers like TouchOSC and Pure Data. You can now have precise, hands-on control over each parameter, allowing you to fine-tune your sound effortlessly and create custom presets that truly resonate with your unique style.

Vintage Vibe in Action

@evan.novoa my love mine all mine is already perfect but what if it were to have a guitar solo? 🤔 #mylovemineallmine #mitski #guitarsolo #guitarcover #electricguitar @Mitski @Fender @Fine Classics Plugins ♬ original sound - Evan Novoa
@shanetrainor Using @Fine Classics Plugins for this tone 🤘 If ocean eyes by billie eilish had a guitar solo #oceaneyes #billieeilish #guitar #guitartok #guitarcover #electricguitar #guitarsolo @BILLIE EILISH @FINNEAS ♬ original sound - Shane Trainor
@mxzatolokin Locked Out Of Heaven | Use “Vintage Vibe” by @Fine Classics Plugins #guitar #electricguitar #lockedoutofheaven ♬ оригинальный звук - Max Zatolokin